Instant or Snap Inductions

Instant or Snap Inductions

Hand Drop

Sit next to client facing towards them, ask them to place their hand on yours and press down (you will have your arm & hand braced against your leg) You then ask the client to look into your eyes – there’s no difference between this and your big toe or any other part of the anatomy but we may as well utilise the misconceptions stage hypnosis has bought about. Keep encouraging them to press harder. When you see emotion, either laughter or confusion you do 3 things simultaneously.

  • In a loud commanding voice order ‘SLEEP’
  • Pull away the hand they have been pressing on
  • With your spare hand pull their head slightly forward

Immediately go into a deepener maybe whilst rocking the clients head side to side in a gentle rhythmic motion – calming and reassuring all the time.


Stiff Arm

Note: Not to be used with anyone suffering from arm, shoulder, elbow or wrist difficulties.

Ask the client to extend their arm and to make a fist. Tell them (don’t ask them, tell them – this is an authoritarian induction) to stare (not look but stare) at their knuckle. Ask them to imagine that they had a steel bar running from their fist to their shoulder, whilst doing this have one hand on their shoulder and with the other hand palming their fist. When the client has achieved arm, lock try to bend their arm – you won’t be able to (this isn’t a trial of strength, your job is to convince them their arm is like iron).

Now ask them how strong that iron bar would have to be in order to be so strong they can’t bend their own arm, when they try and fail tell them that’s because they’re already hypnotised, snap fingers sharply in front of their eyes and order ‘SLEEP’ whilst pushing their arm down to their lap (if sitting down).

Imagine an iron bar running from your hand right up to your shoulder,  it’s getting stronger and stronger, that’s right, stronger and stronger (keep palming their fist and supporting the shoulder) Imagine how strong that bar would have to be so that I can’t bend it …….. (try to bend the arm) Wow that’s strong, and I really went for that. Now imagine how strong it would have to be in order to be so strong that you couldn’t bend it. How strong would that arm have to be in order to be so strong that you can’t bend your own arm? Your arm is so strong you can’t bend your own arm. (When they look surprised shocked or confused) ‘SLEEP’ (snap your fingers in front of their face and push the arm down)

Immediately go into a deepener or just reassure and comfort.

That’s right, so calm, so relaxed, just going deeper and deeper, yes that’s right deeper and deeper all the time……….