Terminating A Trance

Terminating A Trance

snapMost clients will feel a great sense of calm and relaxation after hypnosis. Depending on the circumstances your client came in for also has a relevance on how you terminate the trance but be aware that terminating the trance is vital.

Some clients will love it so much they don’t want to come out. This is very common with people who respond well and also those who lead stressful lives – they just love the peace that hypnosis brings them.

If this is the case, ask them to move their finger if they can still hear you (ideomotor response) this checks that you haven’t taken them so deep they’ve fallen asleep. If the finger moves tell them that they can come back to this and an even deeper state very quickly, very easily at any time in the future but only if they come back to full consciousness now.

Some clients won’t have gone as deep but may still be groggy, for them a really lively wake up is like a therapy in itself.

In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 5 on the count of 5 I’ll snap my finger (clap my hands) and you’ll feel fully awake and refreshed.

ONE: More and more aware now

TWO: Breathing in clean clear fresh air

THREE: Every nerve sinew and muscle feeling more and more alive now

FOUR: Washing your eyes nose mouth and throat with fresh mountain spring water

FIVE: WIDE AWAKE  (snap fingers or clap hands)

If clients have come to you with feelings of anxiety and are generally wound up inside, then as before but without the motivational comments.

In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 5, on the count of 5 I’ll snap my fingers like this (give example) and in your own time, you can allow your eyes to open as you feel a renewed sense of calm washing over your body and mind.

Once the client has opened their eyes they are still open to suggestion so keep it positive, I usually give them a big smile and say something along the lines of ‘well done.’

Always give the clients a few minutes to come to properly, they will most likely either want to discuss the whole experience or they will still be processing it, they have paid good money for your services so don’t rush them!